Trail Mark 2

The newest version of the Trail is uses the same basic airframe but adds upgrades and pilot conveniences:

  • A larger door that makes entry into the back seat much easier.
  • Welded in grab handles along the windshield to aid the entry and exit for the front seat.
  • A step on the gear leg.
  • A redesigned front seat that’s adjustable fore-and-aft, and sits lower in the rear position so tall people have better headroom.
  • The instrument panel has been moved forward about three inches for better knee room.
  • A redesigned windshield is stiffer and eliminates stresses on the Lexan. (There’s also an optional “blown” windshield available.)
  • New 13 gallon wing tanks eliminate the need for a second set of tanks outboard - makes fuel management much easier.
  • Gross weight increased to 1320 lbs. due to the addition of jury struts. Note that the jury struts don’t impede the folding system in any way.
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